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With its partners, OCHA contributes to principled and effective humanitarian response through coordination, advocacy, policy, information management and humanitarian financing tools and services. OCHA’s country and regional offices are responsible for delivering the core functions in the field by leveraging functional expertise throughout the organization.

OCHA coordinates humanitarian response to expand the reach of humanitarian action, improve prioritization and reduce duplication, ensuring that assistance and protection reach the people who need it most.

OCHA aims to mobilize and engage the full range of financing instruments, mechanisms and partners to ensure that growing humanitarian needs are met, humanitarian leadership and coordination mechanisms are promoted at the country level, and the large array of global humanitarian financing mechanisms are complementary among themselves and coherent with development funding.

Through leadership in developing humanitarian policy, OCHA helps set the agenda for humanitarian sector reform and effectiveness in response to a shifting global landscape, new global frameworks, and increased capacities of national Governments and local actors.

OCHA’s public and private advocacy raises awareness of forgotten crises, promotes respect for international humanitarian law (IHL), brings the voices of crisis-affected people to the forefront, and helps people obtain access to humanitarian assistance.

OCHA provides information management services to the humanitarian community to inform a rapid, effective and principled response. It gathers, shares and uses data and information, underpinning coordination, decision-making and advocacy.