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CBPF Global Guidelines

The Country-based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) are at the forefront of efforts to address escalating humanitarian needs, promoting innovation for timely and effective response. In 2021 the Funds allocated US$1.01 billion to effective humanitarian action in 20 countries globally, reaching an estimate of 42 million crisis-affected people.
The Country-based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) Global Guidelines set out the minimum global standards for effective and efficient management of CBPFs and ensure a coherent and harmonized approach to the governance and operations. These Global Guidelines set out arrangements that enhance the quality of CBPF practices and their accountability to stakeholders, including Member States, donors, humanitarian operational partners, and people affected by disasters and emergencies.
The CBPF Global Guidelines supersede the Operational Handbook published in 2017, which has been subject to a rigorous update through a comprehensive consultation process to reflect lessons learnt, best practices and updated strategic and operational requirements.
These revised Global Guidelines will be rolled out progressively in the coming period. 


CBPF Global Guidelines [Arabic - French - Spanish]
Annex 1. Advisory Board Terms of Reference
Annex 2A. Allocation Strategy Template Standard Allocation
Annex 2B. Allocation Strategy Template Reserve Allocation
Annex 3. Project Proposal Template
Annex 4. Scorecard Guidance Note
Annex 5. Review Committee Terms of Reference
Annex 6. Risk Management Framework
Annex 7. Eligibility Guidance Note
Annex 7. Due Diligence declarations
Annex 8. Non-Compliance Measures Framework
Annex 9. CBPF Partner Guidance Note on Financial Misconduct
Annex 9. FRENCH - CBPF Partner Guidance Note on Financial Misconduct
Annex 10. CBPF Partner Guidance Note on Sexual Misconduct
Annex 10. FRENCH - CBPF Partner Guidance Note on Sexual Misconduct
Annex 11. CBPF project budget and financial report template for NGOs
Annex 11. CBPF Project budget and financial report template for UN agencies
Annex 12. Narrative Reporting Template
Annex 13. Grant Agreement with NGOs
Annex 13. Grant Agreement Amendment with NGOs
Annex 14. Grant Agreement with UN Agencies
Annex 14. Grant Agreement Amendment with UN Agencies
Annex 15. Partner Visibility Guidelines Template