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SHF News

06 Mar 2023
Local protection networks prevent harmful practices against children in East Darfur

04 Jan 2023
Mahasin is finally going to school

21 Dec 2022
Sudan: Red Sea community abandons harmful traditional practices

06 Oct 2022
Sudan: Children affected by violence benefit from immediate psychosocial support

15 Aug 2022
Where there is service, there is recovery: Low-income families seek nutrition services for their children in Sennar state

15 Aug 2022
Grandmother’s weekly hikes save grandson from malnutrition

28 Jun 2022
A community on the edge of survival

28 Jun 2022
Displaced people receive emergency shelter materials in South Darfur

11 May 2022
Tilting the scales on food security and livelihoods for women farmers

08 Mar 2022
Sudan: Mother vows to protect daughter from harmful traditional practices

10 Feb 2022
Water power for women in Sudan

19 Oct 2021
Alive and thriving, thanks to the Sudan Humanitarian Fund

22 Sep 2021
Sudan Humanitarian Fund supports free medical care for flood-displaced people north of Khartoum

17 Sep 2021
Sudan Humanitarian Fund project helps children affected by conflict

10 Aug 2021
Sudan Humanitarian Fund helps a family gain health and hygiene awareness

06 Jul 2020
Sudan Humanitarian Fund helps to plant seeds of hope for Taiba’s family

23 Jun 2020
UN humanitarian chief releases $25M in CERF funding to IOM for NGO COVID-19 response

15 May 2020
Sudan Humanitarian Fund supports urgent COVID-19 efforts

08 May 2020
NGOs at the forefront of COVID-19 efforts with OCHA’s pooled funds

19 Sep 2019
UN and partners act on cholera in Sudan

11 Apr 2019
Sudan: CERF allocates US$25.6M to reach 800K people hit by economic crisis and food insecurity

08 Nov 2018
Sudan: Humanitarian Funds come together to help people support themselves

14 May 2018
Sudan: UN humanitarian chief urges donors to step up support for life-saving and longer-term assistance

13 May 2018
Motherhood in the midst of humanitarian crises

15 Jan 2018
Sudan Humanitarian Fund: New classrooms for displaced children in Central Darfur

16 Nov 2017
Sudan Humanitarian Fund enables WHO's fight against deadly disease

30 Oct 2017
Sudan: Tracking displacement and population mobility to ensure that people in need receive aid

27 Jun 2017
Hope for South Sudanese refugees arriving in Darfur

02 Jun 2017
Sudan Humanitarian Fund brings clean water and latrines to hundreds of displaced people